Monster Within

And sometimes late at night
when the moon glows softly
though my dirty window panes
I see my reflection & deep into
my heart at the monster
I have become.
Knuckles white with anger, heart
of stone, callused with hurt,
emotionless eyes and a smirk.
But the shining stars glimmer as the
moon whispers secrets in the wind,
reminding me, I am simply human.
Blood red, old scars showing
me I survived and somehow
always learning to smile again.



A Piece Of My Heart

You trace my spine with your fingertips…
as I bare myself to you. Leaving now your
kisses upon my shoulder blades as you
overcome me continuing to pursue. Gently
you caress down the contours of my breast
as you sink further into me. Soft light moans
do persist as we slowly weave ourselves into
one while sharing a breath as we breathe.
Two souls intertwined so deeply and a love so
grand; neither of us had experienced until
we held each other’s hand within the moonlight
and as the stars aligned. Now even
when in distance we never are apart for
each of us has traded the other for a piece
of the other’s heart.


Where I Belong

This place is so bright and cheery.
Oh dear I’ve lost my way.
How do I get back to dark and dreary;
that’s where I belong!
Darkness cradles me in his arms
with just a slight chill in the air.
Shadows dance for me
as the moon peeks in and out
of clouds in the star filled sky.
Whispering sounds echo through
the night letting me know I am not
the only one there.
Yes, yes that’s where I belong!
Not among this Hell out here.


Photo by Maryna Khomenko

The Doll

She had Amber Waves of Curls &
when She was Good She was very,
very Good & when She was Bad She
was Even Better. Many called Her
Unstable which was Fine & Dandy with
her because She knew Stable Places
were for Horses. She was as Insane as
could be since the Dawn of Her Arrival,
yet She didn’t Care that Most were to
“Normal” to Understand Her or even Try to.
She preferred the Company of the Wildlife
around Her instead of the Hustle of
Monotonous BS that Reality Lead to.
She Created Her Own Secret Worlds full
of Mystery & Intrigue until She could get back
Safely among the Stars She Belonged to.


Blinding Walls

Sometimes we blind ourselves from all
the beauty in the world around us until
we take a step back to see the miles
we have traveled while the tears wash
our soul as they fall crumbing our own
self-created brick wall back to soft clay
and rubble.


My Saving Grace

Never doubting for a moment that all
have a secret place that is their saving
grace among this world of turmoil. I,
myself have many indeed just in case
one ever starts to reek of the harrowing
disease of reality. Since I know this will
never be found I decided to show you my
place of uninhibited repose. Seldom venturing
out but oh my, do I ever revel in the enlightenment
of swaying with the song in my heart as it
orchestrates splendidly with the surroundings
I choose to see.

Angle & Error

We’ll lift our sleeves so bare,
that we might see each Angle
& Error. Arms that have shared
with every other heart etched in
our skin. We’ll be not Sorry to see
that this is Who we have Become
to be… And tonight we’ll raise our
glass to being no one else’s fool.