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In need of a place to work on my poetry & quotes,
as well as share things I like that are close to my heart,
I decided to open this blog that I hope you all will enjoy.

I can also be found at @incognitojdr and Jessica I Day (ompt).

All written entries belong to me unless stated otherwise.
If any part of my work is used please give me proper credit
while also sending me a link with the form below where I can
view your work or you may comment on the post used;
questions are also welcome if you have any. As for the artwork I use,
some images have been created by myself or by artists that I will
give full credit to if known. If any artist dislikes the use of their work with
my written work I will promptly take it down. I welcome any
constructive criticism if you feel the need as I am only trying to
better my writing & myself.
If & when someone Follows, I am happy to Follow you as well
regardless of what kind of Blog you have. I love learning new things
and meeting others with all kinds of interests.

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Image found at Favim

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