Loving You Then

Loving you then was more than I could bear.
Wanting you to hear all the love left unsaid,
the words I shouldn’t have needed to say…
You should have felt. But all you did was
underline the ones I should have swallowed.
My weeping tears fall like bricks of charcoal;
staining my ivory cheeks ruby red. What
happened to our “perfect dreams” & all the
perfect scenarios at the seams? When did
the clouds turn slowly black becoming storms
that birthed so many needles only to prick &
bleed pulling apart each thread? Had I seen the
first lightening strikes instead of being blinded
by foolish dreams I may have been able to save
myself. Yet your horror story continued to uncoil
leaving me with memories of sorrow. Loving
you still through the painful truth in my solitude of
safety alone for good. My lesson learned well.
Art by Kate Zambrano

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