Reality Is Not My Business

The Struggle is Real.
I know all too well the Caged Bird
is Not Singing but Crying to be set
free of the Chains that Bind him,
Why between 2 & 4 am is the Worst
because the Moon definitely Sees all
her Secrets knowing She feels the Same
as Both will Hide their Pain with the Dawn.
So many Ask if I am Okay, yet Most don’t
Want to Hear the Truth because They are in
their own Battle all the Same…
while Trying to Force feed Sunshine down &
remain Positive is Not always Easy or Doable
when you are on the Verge of Mental Breakdown
all to Prove that Chaos gives Birth to a Dancing
Star because you’re already Dead inside.
Yet Some still Wonder why Reality is not
My Business. Yeah, I am just Fine.



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