A Marriage, Of Sorts…

“Maybe why opposites attract & our true soul mates are not those like us but are those who shake up our lives & awaken us is that it’s a marriage of sorts, that’s transformational. A couple, regardless of any differences, that successfully uses this energy guides each other through life-changing experiences. They separate (possibly painfully) from the past. They mature together to higher states of personal growth. Sometimes the truth is we meet our opposites & soul mates in places far away from us but that does not mean the love is any less than if they were right beside us nor does it always mean they are a lover, it could be a best friend that came into your life unexpectedly & helped you see things you never saw before turning your whole life upside down in an instant of clarity. It’s a person willing to go the distance with you regardless of the outcome. If you are lucky enough to meet this person don’t let go, cherish each other’s insight into the worlds you have been shown thus far to further grow.”



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