I Think, Therefore I Am -A Study

“Hell is— other people!” ~Jean-Paul Sartre

“Hell is other people.” I had read these words aloud, but didn’t entirely understand them. Without context they reminded me of a nihilistic voyage through my childhood years and further, then marriage. I searched out Sartre and other similar writers. I read many of his writings & about his Existentialism , which are listed in the above Link. I learned that you are at the end of everything when surrounded by those who obliterate you with their presence. Creating Hell!

Hell, Detail of a Demon Hitting the Damned (1450)

Hell, Detail of a Demon Hitting the Damned (1450) by Dieric Bouts

This is the 1st part in many studies I have done & am pleased to share.
I hope you enjoy what I have taken an interest in and find it enlightening.
As well as entertaining.


2 thoughts on “I Think, Therefore I Am -A Study

  1. This image evokes to me the works of Hieronymus Bosch and his triptych, The Garden of Earthly Delights, as well as the works by Bruegel. Thanks for introducing this artist to my aesthetic vocabulary!

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