Spam Comments – WTH?

I have not been blogging very long as many of you can see,
so many things are new to me. For some reason most of the
comments end up in spam, which it very frustrating to say the
least, considering I like feedback and want to hear what others
have to say. Does anyone have any suggestions for someone
who is New to the Blogging Experience on how to make this
I decided to use the Free Plan Blog for now as a test to see
if this is worth spending my money on to be seen by more.
My hope is not to be famous but interact with others around
the world who may have similar feelings and issues to my own.
I would like others to know they are not alone in their everyday
battles that usually go unnoticed by most.
Any comments are welcome and I will check daily to see if
comments are be flagged for no reason. I finally got caught
up on the comments I had that were marked as spam so hopefully
there will be no further problems especially if I find a good way
to stop the way it’s filtering.
Thank you to all in advance for any suggestions you have and
as always I appreciate the time you spend visiting Only My Poetic
Truth. If there are any questions or others with this problem feel
free to send me an email with the form on my “About the Author”
page. Maybe together we can figure something out! May you all
have a Beautiful day ahead and Weekend to come!
                                                                            Jessica (ompt)

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