Skin & Bones

There’s a Whispering Demon inside my Head…
Telling me it’s Better off if I were Dead.
He Searches through my Soul finding every 
Burning Hole as he Digs down so Deep to where 
I Hide every Secret that I keep. Taunting my
Insecurities as he says again and again you’re
not ever Right, never Thin, never Good enough
to Win. These words echo rather eerily as I try
to Fight yet Fall further into Despair where no 
one Knows the Truth I Bare. The Mirror lies I
know but I can’t stop what it Shows. As the
Whispering Demon grows Louder, now
Screaming at what’s left of me… Just Skin &
Bones are all you see, yet I am still alive wishing
someone could save me from all these
Jaded Broken Dreams.
“She’s Falling Apart” by Brookelle
Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder that causes
people to starve their self & obsess about their weight
and the food they eat. It isn’t really about the food though,
it’s just an unhealthy way to try to cope with deep
emotional problems and they often equate thinness with
self-worth. Anorexia nervosa can be extremely difficult to
overcome. But with treatment and counselling, they can
gain a better sense of who they really are & return to
healthier eating habits while reversing some of the serious
complications anorexia causes.
Hotline: 1- 630-577-1330

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