I Am Just Me

“Many don’t know much about me so at times I write what I think. Maybe someday it will reach the right person just so they know they were never alone. Even if it doesn’t at least I did save one… Me.

I do not wear your shoes but I would like to hear you story if I may, otherwise I go about my own way. Yes I am distant. I prefer to observe first. I enjoy the silence of my solitude so if you are hurt by this please look within yourself for the reason and not at me for a solution.

I expect nothing… please, I do because I can and want. I am so far from perfect and I thank my god for this. Love is a statement in a sense. It is not a question nor does it need an answer. So what if one cares more than the other, maybe it is the one who cares less who is at a crossroad. And maybe could mean a million things. So stop worrying and just love life as it is. Life’s too short to dwell over all the he said, she said bullshit things.

I do love with a shattered heart… So what. All the pieces are there so it is whole. My words are often blunt, there is no filter on my mouth and why should there be?  It is to me only my poetic truth. I do not intend to be harsh or presumptuous, that’s only a perception of some. When I look in the mirror I see someone that is a collage, I understand all the pieces. I have drawn and wrote them all, some are colored for your liking and ease but still I am just me.”


“Nostalgia” at Mosaics Art London
Artist: Hans Jochem Bakker


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