Covered by a veil of darkness
the Queen of Night sits perched
by candlelight; etched in a pose
of stillness as the voice of her lover
dances in an echoed reverberation.
This steady pulse of his voice
makes her become wet with desire.
Here within the depths of ebony
she awaits the illusive that hides
in hallowed halls of a fantastic
dreamscape about to come true.
Her skin warm to the touch,
her gaze piercing yet obscured.
She is his Seductress and Dream come
true knowing how her mind works and
gazing upon her silhouette as it flickers
in the candlelight as he moves slowly
down the hallway closer to making love
to her.



2 thoughts on “Dreamscape

    1. The only plug ins I am using are for sharing purposes. And things listed at the bottom of the page but being new I am not sure even with the link you sent what to do about it. I have never heard of your browser before and most access me fine through Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Fox Fire or another well known browser. My theme is the free version Libre which has given me no problem or others besides you. I am sorry you are having trouble but try a different browser first.


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