My Love

My love… bigger than four letters,
far more beautiful than appears.
I hide in your skin as a Queen and
your Palace is shared.
Bodies crash ever gently as I seep
into you with a mind-blowing intrigue at
how much I have bared.
Passionate bliss as your eyes
watch me here.
Touching beneath as you stare…
Moans never ending with a feverish
glisten of sweat that drives you below.
There is a well in your lips-
deep cool water,
close my eyes in your kiss-
as the desert starts flooding.
There must be a clear path along
me as your fingers trace each curve
and scar without even knowing.
I beg for more, hear me whisper,
as my nails rake deeper in
the small of your back.
Ancient forces release as you
slither your sinful tongue further
then humming slightly with laughter.
Reaching beyond any winding
worlds of wonder creating one Palace
with each orgasmic spill we share.


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