The Guardian

A fire circle of flame adores her with the brightness
that reveals all that’s concealed. Creating dew drop
kisses as she leaves by his warm light. For in this life,
the Moon reserved all her passion and sweetness
for him alone. While leaving a cold chill that fills each night.
I am the Guardian Sky of this sacred distant love,
high within the starlight they share above.
The Sun rests comfortable in my lap, as waking one side
of the world and I hold up the Moon to shadow the other side
for a nap. Only I can touch the intense purity of their love
being who I am. Yet my sky eyes weep filling the ocean and
streams of this land knowing that I am in between this
constant battle of dark and light. My thunder roars and
my lighting strikes devouring an emptiness I know within me.
Only to return to happiness leaving rainbows for each.
A bittersweet twist, as each reaches for the other with no end
in sight. One with the morning and the other with the night.
For when they wish to touch, they will only feel in their hearts
that they can not enter within; nor will they be able to leave
either without. Her shadows comfort his world as he brings
forth her light. I don’t pay attention to the smoke clouds
they create, knowing they are just the steam from their flame.
Winds gust as they blow each other kisses.
Each Butterfly Messenger will keep their secrets safe.
Stars fall from the heavens one by one
blessing their wishes created by Love.
Art by Mariana Palova

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