Safety Can Be Fun

Millions of people have HIV/AIDS,
an STD or god knows what else!
If you’ve looked at pictures you know
what I mean.
This is an epidemic!
And still most do not use a condom.
Yet a small out break of the Swine-Flu
is made known at one time &
Thousands of people run out and
get face masks. This is very sad…
Put a damn jimmy on.
Be afraid of what Ajax does not take off!
Safety can be fun, believe it or not.
Don’t make excuses when you control
your life or trust your body to another
for silly reasons like, “It doesn’t feel the same.”
Is unprotected sex really worth death
when it is possible to prevent?
Turn on the lights; inspect &
protect yourself and who you have sex with!
This is the Reality of True Love!
In Memory of All those we have Lost. ~RIP~
For more information and Statistics HIV/AIDS Basics

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