Invisible Illness Awareness

Ivisible Illness Awareness by jdr

My Disabilities Include but not Limited to:
♦ Physical: Secondary Suppressed Immunity, Epilepsy,
Hypothyroidism, Migraines, Insomnia,
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
♦ Mental: OCD, Schizo-affective Disorder, Bipolar,
Chronic Depression, ADD, Anxiety, PTSD,
Disassociation  Reclusive.
Survived through menopause at 23, a full
hysterectomy at 24, brain surgery at 27, a broken
leg with rod in it now, still recovering from fungus
in my esophagus and dental problems.
Still I am grateful & appreciative for everyday while
considering my differences to be blessings instead
of a curse. Furthermore, I am not mentioning this for
sympathy & I am not sorry about what I have
experienced so please never feel sorry for me.
I only want to show others you are not alone in the
struggles you face while spreading awareness of
Invisible Illness to those that don’t recognize that not
all Disabilities are seen.
At times things get rough, but I will never give up!
If anyone has any questions, don’t be shy!
I am not one to bite, usually! And for your safety
I am well medicated! 😉
Story  by Christine Miserandino “The Spoon Theory”
Though I Polish My Spoons
they stay Rusty at Best but they’re
All I have Left & Each is a Step Forward in My Life.
I will Never Regret knowing I tried my Best.

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