Free As A Sheep Can Be

Uncaged, as he believes within a world built of barbed wire
fences so high to the point of being blinded from the horrors that
the light often shows, while standing with the ghosts that dwell
within he sees the lonely as their youth is bled. Captured but not
compelled by what he allows to surround him in a life of chaos
& confusion. He cries out his laughter through tears that fall
unnoticed by anyone. Strong willed to always love with every
piece his heart is his true conviction before all. Even still  his self
destructive ways remains with the awareness of reality & clarity seen.
Rocking his soul with the music that’s around him as it draws pictures
of how life could be but he always sings to the tune of his own heart
creating music of his own rhythm & beat. As he sips his glass of scotch
staring out at the view before him, he thinks… “Life is beautiful, indeed!”
And in this moment he is full of undeniable infinite possibilities.
Yet he doesn’t pass the bottle to the next man he sees sharing
the last drop of intoxication he has learned. For he has forgotten in a brief
instance he was high on life & only then truly free. From a Star he fell, now
remaining a Sheep. Losing the knowledge bestowed, when all the chaos &
confusion made sense for a minute, due to greed.

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