Her Secret Garden

Her heart was a secret garden
And the walls were very high.
Her crown, coal-black as an
ebony sky; ocean waves of
blue were the color of her eyes.
Bee stung pomegranate lips
stitched with sensuous promises
and truth. Whispering of desire and
fear that weave a tangled
web catching prey by surprise.
Amber flows of curls tumble
dangerously across her
collarbone and down her spine.
As each lover drown within
her pale white milky skin
so sublimely with time.
Feeling as if a stone sunk in her
chest as she swallowed back
any pride. She resisted love
with every breath and her
heart grew cold like shadows
creeping into the night.
Dying only to later re-bloom
in her secret garden alone,
where the walls were very high.


Art by jdr

Inspired from the Quote by William Goldman  (The Princess Bride)


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