Thirty-eight Winters Alone

Giving up on love completely after all she had been through. The agony, lies, abuse & cheating had taken their toll and she swore she was through! Though unbeknownst love was not through with her. Out of blue, he swept her off her feet in moments they shared as friends. Lifting up each other’s soul becoming so intertwined as if it was all they knew. Both excited in the life they were to pursue. In an unforeseen instance  he had to go. Though not before she felt his warm hands cradle her face as they kissed. Melting away the chills she had suffered alone. Her tears fell furiously as winter began freezing them one by one. Frozen in time each drop reflected memories of him. Feeling lost once again as her heart was torn in two like the thirty-seven pass winters she had already endured waiting for someone like him to find her. Craving his warmth as the days became colder & her chills returned resounding the pain more deeply than ever from the love that was shown. Her loyalty remains knowing he would return. As another year passes only to spend thirty-eight winters alone.


Pat Brennan Art


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