Peddling Through

A very, very small dresser, like a small jewelry box, was strapped and carried against the peddler’s chest. Facing out to impress, as each drawer held something special to be bought by the rest. And mirror reflected to catch one’s eye from a distance, but where the real treasures hid were inside. Calling out to all that walked by, “Come see the magical things I have in store for you!” Some would stop, curious to see the surprises that lay within. At the top he opened a small cabinet and the crowds eyes grew big. Hanging neatly were chains, watches, trinkets even a rosary or two. “Make me a deal on that one please sir,” one lady said. Before she saw all that he had. More gathered to see as the lady left with her piece. Sliding out the first drawer underneath only to show many knives, carved emblems in stone all in a row, and the prettiest sea shells of all colors known. The next drawer was bigger and held brass cigarette cases. Very rare indeed! He could even sell you the tobacco and pipes you would need. “I’m sold” said one as he left with his choice. Then the last drawer was opened… only to find an assortment of hard candy for everyone who had given their time. Then waving  goodbye the peddler traveled on in search of another crowd who could be enticed.


Art by Salvador Dali


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