Dance Puppet

Our words were spoken with the poetry within our eyes. Our souls were completely connected for some time; did you forget so soon who I was to be? Locking it away, just as the distance between. A dim reminder of a sad excuse. Inside my mind a chortling. Your little secrets I knew. Memorized facial expressions; every detail as obvious as the next, you were loved dearly that is true. Though I sensed your scheme of scandalous actions chosen. Playing incognito before my eyes. So I remained quite guarded and curtained any emotion that could possibly show. Subconsciously I knew that at my thoughts of happiness with anyone new you would somehow make an appearance. You always do. Heartbreaking lies repeated, still I tolerated you. Disappearing acts followed after weeks of weaving your continuous excuses around my shattered heart. Calculated almost perfect deception; but I read you like a book. Causing me to come completely undone, with karma to burn. I set the stage to sabotage your meticulous ways and the only puppet would be you as I very comfortably held the strings as you danced beautifully to center stage. Still thinking I was smitten and unaware of your game. As the drapes were pulled back and the audience laughed, you finally realized you had fallen. Now it’s your time to shine! Go ahead and bow before the crowd in your shame! Your bleeding heart is seen as you look over to see me laughing.


Christopher McKenney


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