I Kept Silent

Your words an easy flow
off your lips when convenient.
Your smile captivating bliss.
You’re hurting me, I kept silent.
You’re ignoring me, I kept silent.
How high am I supposed to jump?
How far do you need to see me run?
To breathe you in so deep just once,
that’s all I ask is to give you love.
To hear your heartbeat lullaby.
To die in your arms as one
would make it all worthwhile.
Instead I saw your eyes, so hollow,
but I kept silent… No tears I cry
because they don’t matter, and
obviously neither did I.
Yet, I endure these emotional bruises
as if I don’t deserve better.
The revolving door only moves faster and
time was never on my side,
as all my cracks now show. I’m shattered.
Never think I need your pity or sorrow.
I just wanted for you once to see me
before I say goodbye,
but sadly it really doesn’t matter.
Someone dead can not appreciate
someone still alive.


Photo by darkkprincess


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