A kiss and pressed tongue of syllables caught between breath and stare.
Immersed in the flow over lips whose parting causes the shiver I bare. Outlining the trace of your words over quivering peaks as my body rises with each touch there, there, there… Staining my skin with your soul, imprinting me as the echoes heard are your whispers in my ear. The silk beneath my body flows just as I spill a heat of stars as your moon worships me. To etch that which remains, nails crawl your shoulder blades. First scratch is flint to stone as sparks sacrifice verse on eager skin as the sacred fire consumes within. Inspired the crack of ice not shown only to cause the needed thaw. An undressed canvas awaiting frame parchment to quill now bound in the ties that bind unfurl, spill. Once seared, the mark lingers reminding of all that once burned but now unveiled as your crimson poured out to saturate the remains.

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