An aberrant conception, of the stoical host while viewing such a display of capitulation. The tolerance of the abduction! Did she forget who she is? Or possibly, could have They? This parasitic society censuring reversed qualities. So the smothered host, presumably comfortable in Their mask, assumes Their way.Conniving up the midst not readily apparent or truly seen. Then influencing Their thoughts ever so slightly by her visions of how things could be. Until Their reasoning was changed to more like hers and an evolution was starting to take place. Though slightly wondering at times if her perception was becoming eschewed by also grasping Their game. Not wanting to lose herself in the audition, she finally decided Their mask must come off.  “Ah…,” she gasped, breathing in deeply. Feeling free and giggling as she whispered to herself, “Who should I be next, maybe Little Red or if I am lucky… me? Let’s skip another pill and see!”


by Craww


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