Inspired By The Red String of Fate

“An invisible red thread exists between two,
regardless of whether a lover or friend,
that may stretch or tangle but can never be broken,
cut or wear away when you’ve deeply resonated,
loved or connected with that person.
The emotions & feelings will always be there
despite any distance, time, situation, absence, or
circumstance. You can bury it within, ignore them or
even walk away, but the truth of the matter is that
everything between you and the other will never go away.
And if or when the wall between you crumbles,
dissipates or is destroyed by reuniting in any way
every wonder, comfort, moment, aspiration and
heartbeat you felt with them will be exactly the same and
you will again be swept away within the space
you created together as if you always had remained.
Real connections like that are rare, live on forever even
through death, can not be replaced or ever fade.”


History of the  Red String of Fate


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