Sometimes it’s Best

Sometimes I get pushed so far that all there is left to do is push back. Is that what you want, what you were trying to gain, to see if I would stand up for my for my ways that I claim? If so, you’ve won.
Leave me be, I am tried of all your games of deceit.
I tried to listen to you as best as I could, see your side,
attempt to feel what it could possibly be like in your shoes with your pain; but you don’t acknowledge that simple fact. So why do you continue to try to change my mind and ask my advice time after time?
You just collide into my thoughts of wonder, as I refuse to close my thoughts around your belief. I love to learn, please don’t mistake me. But if the tables were turned would you do the same for me? Really… don’t lie. For it is only your heart that will break. I am done with this; I have given you all the chances I will allow. Sometimes it’s best just to walk away from the crowd.


Art by Junji Ito Uzumaki


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