Once Upon a Time…

There was this girl who thought
she saw things so clearly.
Knowing she had a different
perception than most.
She was told, “They are nothing
but delusions.”
She expressed herself honestly.
Sometimes very open and to the point.
Yet she was told, “In your case,
silence is usually best.”
There was a girl who loved so deeply.
Trusted so easily.
Her trust and heart was broken
time and time again.
This girl is tired of fighting and crying, so rested.
She was told, “You are lazy.”
She just sighed… laughing in her heart.
In her soul, this girl believed and
knew life was beautiful.
And knew she came here only for
knowledge of things great and small.
She was shown ugly things
regardless of her feelings.
There is this girl who buries
everything inside now.
Like a bomb, she ticks…
Because her tears that should show
she has been strong for too long,
actually only showed weakness to those
who knew nothing of her to begin with.
And They say, “You never tried.”
I AM this girl, you never really saw at all.
Still I reach for the stars of my “delusions.”
And will NOT be silenced at all!
So I trust and love deeply still and
fight my way back after every fall.
Even knowing They would rather
I wilt like a flower, given no water.
Instead I just dig my claws in deeper soil.
Once upon a time They may have
knocked me down,
but I came out a polished gem.
While They were the best
used sandpaper after all.



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