10 thoughts on “Haunted

      1. So beautiful! My love, are you by chance on Instagram as well? If yes, please let me know where to follow you. Along with WordPress, it’s a delicious community platform for the poets / artists / writers. 😉

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      2. Not as of yet, though I have considered Instagram but Life keeps me quite busy so I do not want to start something that I can not give proper attention to. I do view things there often from friends in my spare time. If you have a link there I would be happy to see it Allison and pass it along to others! 🙂

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      3. Ah, you are wise indeed! I’ve taken to only updating IG (social media wise) for the very same reason – time is precious and only do what you can do fully. I’m @glorybegin if you ever want to check it out and / or link up there. 🙂

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