I Meant To..

The more you struggle not to be hurt,
the more you actually are.
How ironic…
Do you not feel my lips against yours,
though moist pressed?
Or not feel my caress,
as deep sunken into the bowels of dandle?
Letting it all unravel.
Have you forgotten me or
maybe you never knew me at all?
I feel as if a stranger now with you.
So here we are, friends I guess,
in that we are not enemies kinda sense.
Awkward, but what can I do?
You could have said you drifted
instead of continuing to let me swim within you.
Not an option was given.
Am I even alive to you at all?
Now sitting in silence looking at you.
Finally, the words came out, “I meant to!”
Everything I have said and done without any doubt,
I meant it all regardless of how you feel know.
Knowing at least I said the truth,
then turned and walked away as
you followed close behind.
Without a goodbye, but a Fuck You
I slammed the door shut leaving you
with a puzzled look on your face.



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