An Affair with the Ocean

“Ride the waves,” you say and my thoughts suddenly float above… I will just think of you beneath holding me up, my continuous wave of flow and love so liquid, as you penetrate me deep as I dive again and again. Beyond your surface flesh completely to where we are always one. You are the ocean I gasp into my lungs. I, am but a sea nymph in love. As bubbles rise death becomes me; as I look into your eyes on this new journey and breathe the water below as if the air above. My energy and spirit rises to where it should be, finally someone swims right through me! Accepting each other, even for all the heaven and hell we can cause. Slipping through each other’s fingers gracefully and willingly making love; while staying strong and caring so deeply that we know we can hold any ship upon our sea up.


Underwater Love by Romi Burianova


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