Officiously repeating actions was as if to choke on the lifeblood fence
of a simple gesture; she had remained silent already too long, distressed from what had been bottled up all along.
In that moment she broke, “Please go” she said, as her voice cracked and she clinched her fists in the air. “You must go!” The others did not understand her outrage, so sudden and they stared at each other in blank amaze; as if they couldn’t comprehend what she had just said plain as day.
Yet these were ones so close to her; did they forget who she was or just being relentless about saving her from herself that day? Regardless it was pointless, she knew herself well. Trying to warn them before she let out more hell. Knowing her mouth would be wicked, violent she would become, even if love was the only thing shown.
The knot in her throat grew larger with each stare and nobody dared moved from their chair. As if all were waiting for the performance of the insane to begin once more, knowing it was near and had happened many times before. This time she stood and screamed out loud,”IF YOU DON”T GO NOW, I’LL BE FORCED TO THROW YOU OUT!”
Two heeded her warning and headed for the door, as a sigh of relief came over her as there was just one more. Stubbornly he sat, even relaxed back. As tears streamed down her cheeks and blood smeared her lips from biting her her tongue for to long. She begged him to leave.
“Please, please let me be” she cried. “I need some time alone to silence my mind.”
With those words he finally understood and exited the door. She threw the first thing she could grab; the vase shattered upon the back of the door. As a hysterical evil laughter roared, she said “You don’t know what you Son’s of Bitches were in for!”



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