Waking up with a heavy head,
my heart was pulling at the brain cells
pulsing against my skull,
an angry migraine in the bright of light
flashing down on me repeatedly…
“I told you I saw blue like the sea
was behind my eyes and
the jellyfish were my falling lashes,
one by one into my eyes.
Are you listening?”, I said.
“Fireworks!”, he said, whispering again
They are only round eye fireworks
in your eyes.”
Still the pain did not cease.
And no one would ever understand,
to turn blue was an awful feeling
and my heart pulsing like a hummingbird in flight
because all the pain within my head.
“Make it stop!”, I screamed out loud
but no one heard my cry
as tears rushed down my face once more.
I suddenly realized I was alone.
He was never there at after all.



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