Kindness Kills

You can not stop the forced ascendancy that flows through a monstrous volcano just as you can not stop a woman you’ve scorned. Only she has the power to subside, cooling her inner core to wait and capsize the obnoxious display of character persisting in her darkness. Yet his unscrupulous trifling continues, wanting to control her more. But patiently she endures. While choosing to ignore him she denies an enraging of her internal flame and the bubbling of her cauldron; though he did try, sadly failing to stir anymore. It is not all about what he wants this time but deserves even more. So with a simple smile, that in return only added gusto to his already twisted, winding wind, she walks away in silence only to show how powerful her ways have been. Leaving him in a tumultuous tornadic rage of chaos and frenzy and no way to dominate again. Now losing his balance within as he dissipates above the ground destroying only himself as his ignorance & greed blind him from what could have been if only he had not lied to once a friend found. -jdr


Art by J. B. de Medina and Henry Aldrich


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