Written for me by Serpent Seven

To My Dearest friend:

Like words, some people mean more than others. Love, loss, lust only begins to tell the many tails of you. As heartless as a snake can be, you made me see. As selfish as words can read, you loved me. As cold as life may seem, you saved me. Nurtured with mothers milk; cared for like garments of silk You are my magical flower, surrounded by stench, and decay. I lick your roots, and still kneel in your shade. -Serpent Seven

Sometimes you meet someone… the whole stops! It was that way with us. The story behind the poem is very meaningful & deep. We wrote poetry  daily together for years in private messages & still I will always keep her secrets close to my heart.   She will be forever loved by me… -jdr




May she ~RIP~ now looking over me. 1990 – 2015



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