What is a Woman?

My Translation: (Which does vary slightly but has the same point)

A Man asked a Woman one day, “What is a Woman?” 

She just smiled, & then said: I am a slab of glass, inside transparent but obscure without; believed to be an inner oasis that when touched gently increases your stupidity. You see something in your image that hides your sense inside, causing a shame that can break me. Was once difficult for you to collect, so you created a beginning & paste together moments but now you painted scars & every time you pass your hand over the scars I try to show you the clear window & the key to my heart but at times the scars are just to deep. This is a Woman. Do not break us!

Original Arabic text:

:مامعنى امرأة؟..

 فابتسم و قال :هي لوح من زجاج…شفافة فترى دواخلها

إن مسحت عليه برفق زادت لمعته

ترى فيه شيء من صورتك

وكأنها تخفي صورتك داخلها في خجل

و إن كسرته يوماً,,,,, يصعب عليك جمع


وان جمعتها لتلصقها بانت ندوبه

وفي كل مرة تمرر يدك على الندب

ستجرح يدك

هذه هي المرأة..فلا تكسرها !!!



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