Anyone Can Write a Poem

Make a Splash by jdr

Sample examples of basic poetry for beginners.

  • Write one word; this is the subject of the poem.
  • Write 3 words that describe the first word.
  • Write a sentence that describes the first word.
  • Use a synonym for the first word.
Hidden, Personal, Dark.
Within my mind they stay.
  • Choose an abstract idea: (Love, hate, jealousy, honesty, war, etc…)
  • Tell what color the abstract idea is to you.
  • What does it sound like?
  • Tell how it smells.
  • How does it make you feel?
Chaos is the color of many spilled paints.
Sounding off like screaming children.
And a smell of an untamed forest fire.
Giving you a nervous feeling alone in the dark.
  • One word subject of poem.
  • Two words adjectives that describe subject.
  • Three words, participles (ed or ing words)
  • 4. Four words that relate to the subject in line one.
  • 5. Three words participles, change of tone or emotion.
  • 6. Two words adjectives.
  • 7. One word the opposite the subject in line one.
Angry, Mad
Fighting, Screaming, Disregarding
Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Parents, Privacy
Dreaming, Cuddling , Talking
Happy, Secure
(Note change of tone after line 4 and use of antonyms in line 1 and 7.)
Poetry is a play on words and how you view them. Poetry is also a story that does not always end in complete sentences nor do you want it to, leave some to imagination. A little hint that has always helped me at times wash away the dreaded writer’s block, I get out my magnets and see what I can come up with. Sometime its just a beginning line. Another trick I use is even rearranging my book titles to create stories. Read dictionaries, heaven forbid you learn a new word! You are writing your life so be creative!

 Use a dictionary or thesaurus to find fresh, precise words and never be afraid to just write from your heart honestly. Poems do not have to rhyme and eventually you will find your own technique.

  • All examples of poetry and top photo created by jdr

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