Ocean Spell

Fever-less pitches of deep moaning, hotter now in your embrace than the godless psalms of a tropical storm in winter. As mellifluous nectar flows from me, you once again touched a curtained place so nefarious it spills deliciousness at that look upon your face. Casting your spell on me every time; your eyes reflect as I sink to the ocean floor…lower, lower.. Though deeper within me you go, taking your sweetest time. Ravishing collar bones, never missing penetration in the rhythm of our hearts as they beat into one.

Your voice whispers in my ear as they stir my thoughts; warming every last chill as your fingertips run over my quivering thighs. Mouths suck each other’s tongues as we move up and down each other’s body, nibbling and biting tender flesh turning it as waves crash into each pounding. Both dripping in sweat and not close yet as this continues on for another hour.

My head ceases and my probation from the living-world runs through me as formless ice. And for a moment I’m like you: breathless. The roar of invisible oceans and our world’s collide as you thrush one last thrust causing an explosion up inside. You collapse atop of me as I giggle in orgasmic pleasure, “What a Hell of a Ride!”



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