Masked Pain

Because she is always Daddy’s Little Girl No Matter what age she is and hearing him say “I love you, Red headed Kid!”, brings joy to her troubled mind knowing she has to remain strong for him and for herself too…

For he has already fought a battle so many have fought, yet remains ever grateful for everything he has seen and done and just keeps on trucking like nothing in this world can stop him.

He always reminds her to live life to the fullest! “Open every door in sight, just as long as you remember not to ever get stuck in one room. There are so many doors waiting to reveal what life has in store for you!”, as he continues to tell all his secrets to her. “Keep moving forward and only look back for a glimpse to see how far you’ve come.” There are so many to lessons she has learned from him that will never be forgotten.

She is reminded and replays in her head every word he has ever said as she tells herself daily to smile, laugh and remember she has been blessed for all she is learning knowing he has fought Cancer once as he smiles, laughs and carries on for each moment with her. So she squeezes his neck as she hears the news that now he must muster up the strength for round 2. Though alone in her room, her screams go unheard “FUCK CANCER!”, her tears are swallowed back hard as she becomes frozen to the world around her.

She Smiles To Mask The Pain In Her Heart


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