One of a Kind

Moving as a machinist would labor over the toils of a run down engine, spitting sparks left and right. Needing an overhaul; the body was rusted and showed many scars where abuse had prevailed. Pulling and tugging on wires that were frayed leaving most unplugged except what was needed to drive… “Is this a life for what should have been garaged at least part of the time knowing only one was made” he cried. Her radio plays the classics and her seats still adjust fine… As he flips on her lights, they show still as if new somehow even through the cobwebs and dirt that are built up around. He replaces the oil she bled on the ground. Washes her curves and takes her to town. Everyone laughs, “That piece of junk would be better off scrapped” But he just smiles as his turns his back… Each day in the shop, a little bit at a time and soon he has a one of a kind. Custom built to perfection just by showing his time.

Dedicated to my Dad ~ RIP


Original Designed VW Built Tye Day


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