Before Me

Seeing aspects of your evolutionary self exposed as your ancestors strive to see just as you focus your third eye on what is yet to be. But they only saw parts of a generation in bloom. Wanting so much more as their children grew. Two worlds collide literally, as my Mother the Goddess of Egyptian times and my Father, one of the Indian spiritual minds. Their love was as pure as every drop from the vast ocean we see and how they met is such a dream if only to create me to be something I didn’t know quite how to grasp. As I lay in the embryo position within a womb that shelters me; the sense of the sun and moon’s astrological hold is as intense as my first breath.Knocked against my back in a slight upside down position to breathe, in that moment I was awakened by all that came to be. Just me, already dying with each new breath. As my third eye no longer shows to the outside. Perceived only by me as a directional guild stronger than my heart, mind and soul in one would ever be. Alone I survive just as before me. 



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