Hollywood Devils

Vanity & lavishness he draped across &
around my neck & shoulders. He liked the way I passionately kissed; how velvet soft my skin felt against his fingertips. Gazed my pretty blues, even got lost in them
a couple of times. “What a beautiful smile you have & nice ass.” he said, as he dug his fingers tighter pressing my hips against his. Ohhh, but what he didn’t know is that my heart isn’t on my sleeve… It’s safely kept in a box beneath my bed.
My raw sensuality spread across my skin as was the Hollywood lotion that now glittered in the moonlight & he kissed me goodbye. Falling in love with only the thought of who I could have been or maybe was or maybe am. But for now I prefer to remain an angel in disguise. After he left, I ran up my stairs in the dim light. Once inside I turned locked my front door & slide the chain for extra protection. You never know when the devil is around or whether or not I locked my door to protect myself from him or
if it was the other way around.



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