More than One Me

Can you love more than one me
and accept who I’ll be?
Don’t worry the voices in my head only talk to me.
Many different aspects you’ll see,
but so very characteristic individually
in the creation of me.
If you Ride my Roller Coaster just once
I know you’ll believe even if parts
of me you won’t often view but a time or two.
Can you juggle us in bed
or even the thought in your head?
Do you like my Pretty Dress?
Is this making any sense yet?
Here, let me help you:
A Beautiful Chaotic Disaster
of Darkness & Light Evolving
over time is what I will always be.
Or is the more stereotypical definition
easier to conceive?
A Schizo-Bipolar-Depressive…
blah, blah, blah and every thing else
that comes with the disease.
That is NOT what I let define me!
Instead what I have come to accept is:
I am just me!


Kristian Schuller Photography


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