Do you have S.A.D.? (Self-Added Drama) Read to find out –
Most of this unfortunate condition can be avoided with one single step: Minding your own business!

1. Quit arguing
You think one way and someone else thinks another. Who cares what other people think—right? You do obviously if you argue. Arguing is merely jumping head first into someone else’s crap and then wondering why your life smells like shit. Everyone seems to have a sacred golden calf: Kneeling,bowing or standing, focusing on material things, religion, politics, etc. Do you want to make a difference? Instead focus on something truly sacred: Yourself.

2. Quit defending yourself
People are going to say and do things to hurt you. The only way to give weight to their allegations is to respond. These people aren’t worried about the truth, they want a quick reaction from you. Drama always follows an explanation and you should never have to explain why you do things the way you do things to another. Its NOT their business. Your actions overall will always tell the truth about you so leave the drama out by continuing to work quietly on your life. If others don’t approve, let them go.

3. Quit trying to “help” everyone
How many times have you seen someone struggling and offered some really good advice, just to watch them continue to jump out of the boat over and over? And it upset you didn’t it? Drama always follows unsolicited advice. Sometimes you just have to let people fail so they can learn for their self how to succeed from rising again. You can be kind and leave them a flotation device but walk away from the dramatized situation and leave it to work itself out.

Basically make it your ambition to lead a peaceful, quiet life: Take care of yourself first and remember an empty vessel cannot give from the overflow. Don’t take things personally. True friends will stay while all the rest fall away and if you end up alone maybe its because you need to be. Solitude is a gift that teaches you many things but that’s a different story for another time.



The Vanity of Narcissus

If only Narcissus had horrid scars across his face
maybe we would look at beauty differently…
Many pretty faces hide monsters while those
judged hold within them the most beautiful heart.


Caravaggio – Narcissus (1594-96)

We Trees

If in truth – let’s not offend:
The one who killed – he was killed…
Who in the rain gave the cloak under the cloak.
He has forgiven and so is forgiven.
Separately we stand like trees with our roots
tangled, entwined and our seasons unfold
with a mystery of divine ambivalence
stretching our arms forever to the sky.
William Bee Art

Little Deaths

There are these moments when things
don’t seem to add up and I don’t know
if I am losing time or evolving into
something else. All I do know is
they take my breath away.
Alexandra V Bach Art

Silently Unseen

Sometimes words are forever lost
within me because I remained silent…
but at the time it was better to remain silent
than be so easily seen.

Willam Henry Fox Talbot - An oak tree in winter

Willam Henry Fox Talbot – An Oak Tree in Winter

Pursuing Balance?

Worldly is the man who runs after all the world,
yet sadly does not see the details.
A Spiritual man flees from all the world,
yet sadly only sees inside himself.
The Awakened enjoy all the world inside & out.



Poppies, poppies… she lays in the field
of make believe as her her eyes slowly drift.
No one cares where she is. She barely exists.
The clouds cover her gently with a hazy darkness
that falls. As the sun politely stays hidden not to wake
his precious one at all. The poppies sing their opium
lullaby & she finally is fast asleep; among their
grassy pillow bed as she dreams of
wonderful things.


Boyan Dimitrov Art

Being Human

Being human is hard among so many Monsters
who’s love is tainted blood poisoning you
as long as you allow them to stay.
In Solitude at least you learn to love yourself and
know your worth before you go out like a light 
in the dark playing other’s ridiculous games…


Jessica D’Onofrio Photography

My Love, Free… But Not For You

She knew how to deeply love another,
giving freely after giving to herself;
though to out her heart into someone’s
keeping was entirely something else.
After all the trial & errors, she felt her trust &
love could not be earned with any ease or
stealth; nor the darkest hidden places of her
soul, she once longed to share with someone else.
Any sudden endeavors no matter how cleaver,
charming or witty the other’s thought they were,
would surely cause alarm. To which would shatter
anything that had begun to blossom leaving only
a towering wall for them to gaze upon.


Unlisted Artist

So I Ran

Not thinking how easy it is to lose all that destiny
has given us; the happiness so easy to demolish
with our own hands, and then trying to pick up the
fragments. We operate more safely and more… stupid.
Separation did not bring pleasure. Did we not lose 
our sense, and calm, while making ourselves sick?
It is easy to advise others. It is easy to judge someone
else’s life. Coolness covers the fog, but what about our
own lives, it was cold too and ignored… You can’t just
walk in and not accept who I am and expect me to bow.
You made me so sad. So I ran!