Keeping Hope

Somewhere in the world there is
one who needs only this from you:
to know you exist.


Windy day by Desislava Ignatova


No Direction Please

Have you ever felt like a book
some have started,
but don’t want to finish?
I feel that about myself…
Not all bad thoughts by any means,
just in need of a new direction;
without direction.

Be The Poem…

Be the Poem, the Writer, the Artist & the Muse…
For the Poem is your Life that you must Think of
to Write, yet still Feel deeply to Inspire as an Artist,
all the while in Infinite Grace, Love yourself as the Muse
to constantly Evolve and Bloom.

My inspiration for this poem came from one
of my favorite Indian proverbs or axioms
that says that everyone is a house with four rooms,
a physical, a mental, an emotional and a spiritual.
Most of us tend to live in one room most of the time but,
unless we go into every room every day,
even if only to keep it aired, we are not complete person.


Snow White Dreams

“Mirror, Mirror In My Hands;
Who’s The Fairest In the Land?
Not I, she cries. Please Not Me!
Please let me disappear
from which I am being 
summoned to always see further
within me …”
Blood curdling screams ring out.
“Where am I? Oh no!”
It calls to me with it’s insanely plan.
I am exhausted, faithless, and wearing thin.
I called to death but he laughed at me.
Faster I run, tripping on the branches
of my perpetual dream.
Never to escape my Snow White Dream.
(To Be Continued… Maybe?)


Unmasking Who We Are

We all wear a mask & for moment
maybe able to hide who we think we are;
but there comes a time, when worn to long,
we are unable to remove it without
tearing our own skin.


Come, Fly With Me

The bird whispers for you,
“Come, fly with me.”
Your body aches though still
rising at dawn with
accurate joy; a child who 
knew only laughs so long.
Only certain flowers
die with a smile.


Salvador Dali Art

Evolving Matter

With my tired eyes I laid to sleep
beneath an earth of a greater peace.
With a tired mind my function ceased,
claiming all its right within a deadly freeze.
With a tired soul we slept as one,
unable to wake though our energy fluttered
in rhythmic haze. Within understanding the
earth and I reawakened as tireless flowers
unforsaken from any love created.


Art by Sandi Calistro

Divine Sin

A fools throat is an open sepulchre;
with their tongues they have used deceit;
the poison of asps is under their lips:
God is everything including me; and if so,
how can he pardon my sins if sins really be?
For my iniquities cry aloud for punishment,
and my transgressions demand only my own
forgiveness therefore I need no validation,
I am my own. No man is righteous yet still
divine in his creation.


Photography by Cristina Otero

Quote influenced by Romans scripture