Celebrating 2019

Many Blessings to You & Yours!

Happy New Year from Only My Poetic Truth!



Breathing The Moment In

Even though hindsight is for
the most part 20/20, you will
never untangle or truly fathom
all the circumstances that have
brought you thus far in life… 
and I am not ashamed to admit
I am still learning to let go while
just breathing the moment in.


Faye Earnshaw Photography

And The 4 am Personality

And then again don’t forget about the
personality that comes at 4 am with
all of who you really are. Your secrets
spill as well as your tears, you laugh
still in spite of it all and are willing to 
share a part of yourself so rare that
two souls talking in the midst become
bare. For a moment in time kindred
spirits come together as one
understanding life’s challenges and
finding solace, peace and friendship
right before the dawn…


My Battle Within

Amid my waking dream, capturing a
fluctuating awe-inspiring threshold of
flurried thought, floating lucid though
laying motionlessly asleep. It won’t be
long now, I know and against my will 
you’ll come… Feeling your intensity
slither around me as a loose wire
that becomes tighter than ever before.
Immersed within agonizing pain,
though I readily rise to stand, refusing
to submit to you anymore. My
deepest desire is perceived making
the pain you gave my ultimate
pleasure. The barbed wire rescinds
it’s grasp in a sudden backlash.
Your whisper echoes in my head as
an angry yet subdued roar repeating
these words, “Soon, my love, soon…
My battle within continues on.

immersed in pain by pekthong

Immersed in Pain by pekthong

The Gypsy

I went to see a young Gypsy with a magic vision that foresees things past and present.  A gift runs through her veins from days of old just as her mother did the same & generations before her. She apprises each with her crystal ball & the turn of each tarot card.”Go ahead, ask me a question! Though first you must cross my palm with a single silver dollar.”, she said softly. I sat in awe under the lamps’s glow of all I saw within the caravan; as I awaited anxiously for my fortune whether it be a blessing or sadness, to hear the story of my life & demise that would reveal all I’d been seeking. What she foretold of years before & a future unknown amazed me with the things she couldn’t have known and also the mystery. I will not tell all the secrets revealed but if you want to know how your story goes I suggest going to visit a Gypsy.


Rebeca Saray Art

Videos and Various Dark Art can be seen at Committee of Darkness

The Tragic Love Story Once Untold

A Maiden so fair & full of life lived very simply & unnoticed by most who passed her by until one evening, as the moon slowly rose, Death took notice of thee. He approached her casually asking her forever to dance by his side. Fearful at first of his advances, the Maiden tried as she might to ignore his witty, charming & deepening glances that peered into her soul. Smitten by love, Death would not give up and eventually the naive Maiden gave in to his wiles curiously. She quickly took comfort in him as he paraded her around for all to see. Oblivious to the tragedy soon to be, the Maiden noticed as others whispered behind her back. Though she didn’t care, for the Maiden had fallen in love with Death. She kissed & embraced him gently falling back into his arms as Death took her life. Claiming her forever to dance by his side.


The Seed

Unplanted, small and dry
longing for something to
pass her by but on barren
ground, inside her heart,
she only cried. A storm
brewed as desires grew
angry. Yet so frail, pale &
tiny. Not understanding the
evolution of things to come.
As finally rains poured down
harshly, she now is buried
beneath the muddy ground
with nothing but darkness
around. Planted unintentionally
a maddening, furious rupture
came to pass as suddenly
her shell exploded, roots &
arms now reached up &
down as her soul was
engulfed with the nutrients
surrounding. Painfully her
body stretched further than
ever before as the surface
broke open to the light.
Blooming freely, her leaves
unfolded more & more almost
effortlessly with a strength
unknown. Rising faster
towards the sun; drinking
every drop of rain through
changing seasons passing.
Now looking back only to
see how far she had come,
realizing now what she
thought was chaos was
actually her unveiling.
Unlisted Artist

Love That Lasts

”I promise we will not just be two bodies
that drape around each other on the bed,
as the sun goes down right before we
close our eyes. We will be more than that.
We will be the calloused fingers of our life’s
labor embracing one another for eternity.



Do you have S.A.D.? (Self-Added Drama) Read to find out –
Most of this unfortunate condition can be avoided with one single step: Minding your own business!

1. Quit arguing
You think one way and someone else thinks another. Who cares what other people think—right? You do obviously if you argue. Arguing is merely jumping head first into someone else’s crap and then wondering why your life smells like shit. Everyone seems to have a sacred golden calf: Kneeling,bowing or standing, focusing on material things, religion, politics, etc. Do you want to make a difference? Instead focus on something truly sacred: Yourself.

2. Quit defending yourself
People are going to say and do things to hurt you. The only way to give weight to their allegations is to respond. These people aren’t worried about the truth, they want a quick reaction from you. Drama always follows an explanation and you should never have to explain why you do things the way you do things to another. Its NOT their business. Your actions overall will always tell the truth about you so leave the drama out by continuing to work quietly on your life. If others don’t approve, let them go.

3. Quit trying to “help” everyone
How many times have you seen someone struggling and offered some really good advice, just to watch them continue to jump out of the boat over and over? And it upset you didn’t it? Drama always follows unsolicited advice. Sometimes you just have to let people fail so they can learn for their self how to succeed from rising again. You can be kind and leave them a flotation device but walk away from the dramatized situation and leave it to work itself out.

Basically make it your ambition to lead a peaceful, quiet life: Take care of yourself first and remember an empty vessel cannot give from the overflow. Don’t take things personally. True friends will stay while all the rest fall away and if you end up alone maybe its because you need to be. Solitude is a gift that teaches you many things but that’s a different story for another time.