So I Ran

Not thinking how easy it is to lose all that destiny
has given us; the happiness so easy to demolish
with our own hands, and then trying to pick up the
fragments. We operate more safely and more… stupid.
Separation did not bring pleasure. Did we not lose 
our sense, and calm, while making ourselves sick?
It is easy to advise others. It is easy to judge someone
else’s life. Coolness covers the fog, but what about our
own lives, it was cold too and ignored… You can’t just
walk in and not accept who I am and expect me to bow.
You made me so sad. So I ran!



I’m Possible

Blue Roses are said to symbolize the unattainable
or the impossible, yet blue is one of the rarest colors
found in nature. So by blooming it says “I’m possible.”


Oceanic Thoughts

The wonder & awe of an open mind never ceases,
or maybe better said; when we close our mind around 
any belief that is intangible, whether mental or physical, 
we have chosen to sit in stagnancy that will eventually 
lead to the demise of what we are evolving into by 
constantly choosing to become a little more than we 
were yesterday. More empathetic, patient, tolerate, 
still, and silent so that we may hear the rhythmic flow of 
our deep undercurrent gradually building magnificent 
waves that move as what we all are… ONE.
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Just Not Okay

There are no simple or easy solutions
to really escape the monotonous bullshit
life dishes out. You just deal with it or not!
I constantly have to remind myself just to
breathe yet in that breath there is but
one wish; to make it my last. I refuse to
explain myself, there’s no point since we
all perceive so differently. The truth of the
matter is in the evolution of your mind to
disconnect with the physical aspect of what
you think you are or are not… So much to
learn still as I continually drift below the
surface while trying my best to stay afloat.
Album Cover Art for Nightbringer – Terra Damnata

Happy Endings Magically Begin

“As we write our lives everyone has a part
of them they won’t read aloud, but if we
imbue in each other while drenching ourselves
with the possibilities of what could be, while
truly empathizing we will find in each other the
things that matter most within each other’s untold
chapters. Then maybe one day we will be able to
whisper our hidden secrets like a simple bed time
story bringing not only a newfound respect for one
another but an adventure that is now just our own.
Seek out the Books that matter most whether best
friends or lovers, that’s where happy endings
magically begin.”

Trust Your Vibes

A Person’s Vibes Never Lie,
Despite Their Tongue.

Trust Your Vibes by jdr

Photo of Sita, the Hindu goddess that denotes good sign, good fortune, prosperity, success, and happiness. She is esteemed as the paragon of spousal and feminine virtues for all women.

Fading To Blue

Ironic how the memories you most cherish
before any sort of crash in life can become
your worst enemies afterwards. The thoughts 
you love to think about, now killing you with
their whispers; the ideas and dreams you want
to hold up to the light like a prism so they would
shine brilliantly in all directions, now blinds you –
it suddenly seems a lot safer to lock them all in
a tiny box, far from your heart & throw away the key.
It’s certainly not an act of bitterness or being
ungrateful but an act of self-preservation. The hazy
view from behind the dirty window panes is not
always so bad. To look out at life slightly blurred &
calm instead is sometimes more peaceful, isn’t it?

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Is Ignorance Bliss? I Think Not!

It has been said: Ignorance is bliss;
I would rather be swept off my feet
into another’s world while embracing
the whole of many stages as my study
than to try and grasp how dancing in
the same small spot alone could truly
be satisfying to anyone.